Friction EP



Django Riders are set to release their 4 song EP entitled "Friction." The EP will be produced by Kevin Edlin and recorded at Electric Thunder Studios in Nashville, TN.  Pre-orders and EP release will be announced early 2018.

Track list:

1. Friction

2. Blame Game

3. The Motion

4. Musky Funk

Electric Thunder Studios


Laid a little stank down in the studio with producer Kevin Edlin. The Friction EP is coming along very smooth. We brought along Tori Cathcart Photography to document a few sessions for you Funky Monkeys. Click the picture for a behind the scenes look at just how we do the dirty!

16 Rivers & Spires Fest


The Django Riders perform their song "Fight The Feeling" live at the 2016 Rivers & Spires Festival in Clarksville, TN. 

17 Burgers & Blues Fest


Sometimes you have to play a show without your lead player. Sometimes during that show your are approached by one of the locals asking if they can play a few songs. Sometimes you let them. Sometimes it's really bad, sometimes it's really good. Sometimes you play a 7 minute long impromptu extended version of Sharon. Life's all about what you make it. Luh YA!

TFC Interview


The Fan Connection came by to kick it with Django Riders at the Welcome To Nashville Showcase at Bootleggers in Nashville, TN. We getting down to the hard hitting issues of past shows, playing funk in a country city, and face tattoos!